Ever since I was little, I’ve had a passion for film, video games, the fine arts, and superheroes. When I was three, there may have been an incident where I mistakenly thought I was wearing my superman suit underneath my clothes at a Chick-Fil-A playground … but we don’t talk about that.

I was raised on cartoons like Justice League, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As I grew older, the one thing I noticed was how a VOICE alone can bring you to tears. I sometimes play games with no voices, a.k.a. early Final Fantasy or Zelda games, and voice all of the characters on my own. While things without verbal dialogue can emotionally impact you, adding voices brings a whole new layer to the game!

My introduction to improv, voice over, and writing screenplays took place in my local library where I spent my Saturdays as a D&D Dungeon Master. I quickly learned to expand on the D&D characters, rules, and worlds to keep my players engaged and coming back for more.

Improv helped me as a musician. I have extensive experience in Band, making TPSMEA All-State for Tuba. As a Tubist, you learn how to adjust to a room, to set the beat, making sure the band follows your lead. Sometimes the music requires the Tuba to fall back and adjust to another instrument. I also play violin and truly love the ability to take listeners on a musical journey that allows them to hide inside their imaginations for a bit.

My dream is to write and voice over characters that change people’s minds and hearts. Characters that stay with people long after they return to the real world. I hope to have a career that allows me to bring other talented actors and writers inspiration as well as an avenue to pursue their own dreams.

Fun Facts:

I was homeschooled.

I am a HAM radio operator. My call sign is KG5UQG.

I was raised on a farm and actually milked goats.

My first job was working in a movie theater as a projectionist.

I’m great at digging ditches. I once dug a 60-ft. trench that was 3-feet-deep with a shovel.

I was trained as a 3D Matterport photographer.

Every time there is a snake in the chicken coop, I find it. Usually near my head.

My family has a pecan orchard with trees over 100-years-old.

I broke my two front teeth. Twice.